Lauren looking for Kate in the loading screen.
Full Name Lauren
Species Human
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Friends Kate
Enemies The Slender Man
Status Deceased
Hobbies Unknown

Lauren is the main and playble protagonist of Slender: The Arrival she is Kate's best friend. During the game she is trying to find her best friend Kate. While doing that she is being stalked by The Slender Man. In a later mission the game she finds Kate but finds her as a proxie. At the very end of the game Lauren is killed (possibly by The Slender Man). In the hardcore ending of the game she sees an image that could probably Charles Mathenson Jr. or Kate in a web getting closer to her then ends up falling off the radio tower. It then shows on the flim of the camera lying on to the side then a static flickers for about a second then the batteries die. It is unknown if Lauren survived the fall.