The Slender Man
The Slender Man as he appears in the game.
Full Name Slender Man
Species Mythical Creature
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Friends Proxies
Enemies Lauren
Status Alive
Hobbies Stalking and kidnapping people (usually children)

The Slender Man is a creature inspired by the German myth "Der Ritter ".

Overview Edit

The Slender Man is a mythical creature described as a tall thin man wearing a suit and black or red tie and having no face he can also strech and shorten his arms at will. Sender man has be told to abduct people, commonly children. The Slender Man can infect humans with a disease known as the Slender Sickness. The Slender Sickness causes symptoms such as paranoia, internal or external bleeding, and insomnia.

Origin Edit

On June 9th, 2009 on Something Awful Forums. a Photoshop contest with the goal to corrupt pictures to make them more frightening was launched. On june 10th Something awful user Victor surge uploaded 2 pictures of a crowd of kids and in the background was Slender man.And after that/before that.On Something Awful Forums (SAF)they said to make Slender/Paranormal like creatures.The following is what I think happened.In results more things were created.Including Jeff(erson) the Killer,Smile dog,Frown cat,The Rake and so on.

Rise In Popularity Edit

On July 1st, 2012 a famous Swedish gamer by the name of "Pewdiepie" played Slender. The game sky-rocketed in sales after this, and many Youtube gamers started playing. Know Your Meme, a meme-research website, stated that the game had shot-up in popularity after the game was released. Many people today only know the story from the game, which is loosely based on the original lore. The creator of Slender stated; "No, I did not expect for this game to get popular like it did."

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